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Terry Robison I can’t remember a time I didn’t enjoy doing some kind of artwork. From crayons, to pencils, to paint it’s been a wonderful adventure. My formal art education began with oil painting lessons from an Oklahoma artist, Richard Goetz, when I was about thirteen. He was a wonderful teacher and a gifted painter who gave me a very good foundation in oil painting. I continued to study painting through high school and took art classes while earning a BS in Social Science at Oklahoma State University. I’ve also taken workshops and classes from Fred Rawlinson, Jo Anna Arnett, John Pototschnik, Nancy Medina, and Sue Foell.

Painting from life is my favorite way to paint and really the best way to improve and an artist. I use my photos when I need to paint something that can’t be done from life, but I try to paint from life most of the time. I enjoy painting a variety of subjects including landscapes in plein air, still life, florals and portraits of people and animals.